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Looking for a Writer?

Welcome to the web page for my freelance writing business, All Write, Already. I've been a working freelance writer for more than 20 years. My writing interests and experience are eclectic and are reflected in the links above: the top line consists of genres and themes (poetry and antiques and collectibles) in which I write under my own byline. I've also added a new feature as of 2017, called "Peg's Blog Spot," which consists of my reflection on political and cultural themes about which I feel deeply and want to think critically. On the next line are links describing editing and revising services I provide for individuals. Click on the "My Resume" button at the bottom of.

I took this photo in Ecuador in 1995 because I was intrigued by the lines of the balconies and domes in the Moorish-style architecture of this church building and thought they would also make an interesting photographic composition. As a reasonably good photographer, I can provide graphic support for my book, journal, and magazine writing. (Photo © Peggy Whiteneck.)

I have been blessed in being able to see my work in print. Still, one of the reasons I've launched this website is to provide an outlet for some of my own work for which it's difficult to find a print outlet. In the final analysis, very few of us who consider ourselves writers do it just to "stick it in a drawer." All of us want readers, and one of the virtues of the Web is that it provides access to readers when the print presses and publishers can't keep up with us.

Enjoy - and thanks for reading!

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