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Peg's Blog Spot

Like most people, I have a lot on my mind, and I'm offering here whatever I consider worth sharing with others from among all that "stuff." Mostly, this blog consists of my research and reflections on issues I believe are important for our culture and our world, as inspired by my growing concern about the contemporary context in which facts and reason seem to have taken a back seat to falsehood and propaganda.

I do my best to do my part to counteract irrationality and intolerance via social media, but I find that's not enough, at least for me. I really wanted a place where I could write a bit more thoughtfully and somewhat longer about an issue than I could in a Facebook post or an email.

I have a particular point of view that does not align well with a perspective that might be labeled "conservative." I do try to be fair and rational in my analyses, but I make no bones about my deep unease over the direction I see my country and culture taking, particularly during and after the 2016 election, and that comes through in my writing here. So if you would be automatically offended by a so-called "liberal" perspective on socio-political issues, this is probably not a blog you'd be very interested in.

The blog is not currently interactive. If you really want to contact me about a blog post, you can always email me. (Civil disagreements welcome; trolls need not apply.) The blog titles/topics are listed below.

I plan to add new posts on a regular basis, so do check back. Enjoy - and thanks for reading!

Blog Posts

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