Poetry Publications

My first published poetry collection, From These Earthly Parts, came out in April 2009; it was about 15 years in the making and is really the book project of my heart. You can order the book directly from Old Line Publishing or from Barnes & Noble or on Amazon.com. You can also order the book from your favorite bookstore using the ISBN 13 order number 978-0978694852


From These Earthly Parts, Maple Creek Media, 2009

Poetry Published in Journals

"Convent Infirmary," Mediphors 3 (Spring 1994).

"Depression," Psychopoetica [Great Britain], 1994.

"Driving Down the Coast of Peru," Vermont Literary Review 2.1 (Spring/Summer 1995).

"Faith," Theology Today[Princeton Theological Seminary] 57.2 (July 2000).

"Getting Saved," Mars Hill Review 7 (Winter/Spring 1997).

"How It Makes Your Free," The Other Side 31.3 (May/June 1995).

"I Was Spared, Being Nine," Theology Today 56.3 (October 1999).

"Medicine Woman Vision," The Eagle [Native American publication] 12.2 (Autumn 1994).

"Mother with Child," Mars Hill Review 8 (1997).

"Perennial Crossing," Xavier Review 14.2 (1994).

"Punctuation" and "Young Black Girls on a New York Subway," Pudding. 23 (1994).

"Sinner's Heaven," Theology Today 53.2 (July 1996).

"Unburied Bone" and "Time in Latin America," REAL (Re Arts and Letters) 20.1 (Summer 1994).