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Syndicated Column: "Good Eye: a Collector's View of the Antiques and Collectibles Trade"

This is a monthly, self-syndicated column written from an unusual perspective: that of a writer who happens to be an inveterate consumer of antiques and collectibles but who's also had experience working as a floor assistant, then later a front desk manager, at a high-end group shop. This unusual mix gives me the ability to view the antiques trade from both sides of the sales transaction. To give you some sense of what the column has to offer, here are some sample individual article titles:

  • Top five Tagging Turn-offs
  • It Pays to Vet Your Merchandise
  • Dealer and Retail Customer Discount Strategies
  • Coping with the Customer from Hell
  • Thwarting Theft
  • Ethics for Antique Dealers

As you already know if you've followed my web site this far, I'm a fairly decent photographer and can provide photo illustrations for this column as well as for any feature articles I write.

I'm pleased to say the column has caught on with several editors already. The column formerly ran in The New England Antiques Journal, AntiqueWeek, and Southern Antiques Journal. Currently, it runs in Discover Vintage America.

I am interested in achieving national distribution for the column, including West of the Mississippi, so I welcome all inquiries from editors of trade journals in antiques and collectibles. I can be reached via email by clicking on the "Contact Me" menu button below. I'd love to hear from you!

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